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Millwood Tree Transplanting has the capability to handle various sized transplanting projects. We currently have a 32”and 80” tree spade. The 80” spade can transplant trees up to 8” trunk caliper that are 25’ to 30’ tall. In more confined areas, our smaller tree spade is capable of moving trees up to 2” caliper.

1. A hole is dug where the tree will be placed.
2. The tree is tied up, if necessary, to avoid breaking branches.
3. The spades are placed around the tree and pushed into the ground around the base of the tree.
4. The tree is lifted onto the truck and transported to it’s new location.
5. The tree is lowered into the predug hole.
6. The spades are lifted out and the tree is untied.

There are many good reasons to transplant a tree. Not only is it often more cost effective than cutting it down but saving the tree is also more friendly to the environment. Trees can be transplanted if they are in the way of new construction. They can be moved to create barriers against wind, noise or unsightly views. They can be transplanted to help beautify existing landscaping or to add maturity to new landscaping. Trees can be transplanted to add instant shade to a backyard or patio or to soften the hard edges of a wall or building. The reasons are limitless.

To determine if we can move your tree, first measure the trunk diameter (the distance ACROSS the trunk) one foot off the ground. This measurement will need to be 8” or less or we risk cutting off too much of the tree’s root ball and lessening the tree’s chances of survival.

Also, check the clearance around the tree. Our tree spade needs at least 4’ of clearance all around the tree, therefore trees planted close to driveways, houses, walls or other structures are not transplantable. The area where the tree is currently planted and the area where it’s going to be transplanted to must both be open and fairly level. The truck our tree spade is attached to is 14’ tall and 10’ wide. We will need plenty of clearance in order to maneuver around the tree.

Lastly, check for overhead wires. We cannot move trees that are under power lines.

When scheduling a tree transplanting job, please remember that we need at least three working days’ notice to perform a PA One Call to be sure there are no underground pipes or wires where the tree is currently planted or where we’ll be moving it to.

• Buy and sell trees:
The same size and clearance restrictions apply to trees we buy and sell. See the above paragraph for more information on these restrictions.

• Excavation:
We have the equipment and experience to complete any excavation and land moving project you may have. We often create beauty mounds of topsoil for plantings.

• Snow Removal:
We have the equipment and staff to quickly and efficiently fulfill your snow removal needs no matter what size the job. Call us for a free estimate.